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Mahogany Place 3, DMCI Acacia Estate Taguig City

Julia Mahogany Place 3

One of the few places in the city that just feels too good to be true!

All the space you need to move. All the space you need to grow. Tucked inside Acacia Estates in the emerging city of Taguig lies Mahogany Place 3, an exclusive village of sprawling landscaped parks and contemporary Asian residences near Fort Bonifacio Global City, Philippines. Mahogany Place 3 DMCI Homes offers you all the space you need to live within an urban setting, providing your family with a great place to live while still enjoying a comfortable life. A truly smart investment that gives you value  for your money. Nothing can be more perfect for your family than Mahogany Place 3 .

A tree lined haven ushers you home.

Let lush tree-lined avenues be the first to welcome you to Mahogany Place 3 . Feel right at home among verdant gardens, landscaped parks, and a pedestrian friendly environment that sets the scene for family bonding moments in the midst of nature.

With landscaped planting strips to separate sidewalks from wide carriageways, Mahogany Place 3 ensures that its streets are always safe for leisurely walks; truly, its an idyllic haven that can’t be found anywhere else.

Clubhouse Amphitheater

Video Presentation

Finally a perfect balance between quality and value.

You don’t have to compromise because everything you need, everything you’re looking for is conveniently here. Mahogany Place 3 is developed and maintained by DMCI Homes, the country’s first Triple A builder/developer, backed by over 50 years of experience in building some of the country’s best known landmarks. Imagine your home built with the same meticulous care and craftsmanship they’ve applied to all the landmarks they’ve built.

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